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Sep 23, 2018

FIVE beers from FIVE different listeners! Weird dreams! Dead friends! Talking bird people! Grant's amazing Facebook tips! And an ending so packed with awesome, you'll never want to listen to another podcast again! Beep.

  • Shared Opa
  • Monday Night Dust Bunny
  • Tivoli Cuvee Carstensen
  • Alesong Oregon Honey
  • Wisconsin Brewing...

Sep 17, 2018

You know we're in trouble when we're short staffed AND the lowest ABV beer is 11.5%. So, Rubio & Mike enlisted our buddies, Jon & Dan, to help tackle this monster of a lineup! Also, surprising beer reactions! A weird banana story! And a man-sized poop!

  • Deschutes Pinot Suave (2016)
  • Deschutes Tequila Barrel Aged Abyss...

Sep 9, 2018

We got a show's worth of Maryland beers from listener Drew Kalish, and our buddy Rob Lutter joins us to try them! We also ponder the rise of artificial superintelligence, airplane drinking, and the weird association between brown ales and death.

  • Duclaw Gose O’s
  • Monument City Pagoda Pale Ale
  • Monument City 51 Rye
  • The...

Sep 3, 2018

Our buddy Mike Trainer gave us a bunch of Weldwerks beers, so we're drinking them! Mark Raup and his hat join Rubio, Grant, and Mike- and boy do we have opinions. Also, Grant tells us yet another harrowing coming-of-age tale from his insane youth.

  • Weldwerks Petrichor
  • Weldwerks Conflict Resolution
  • Weldwerks Coffee...