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Sep 26, 2022

SC's Liability Brewing Co wowed us earlier this year with their Stunning Belgian Blonde, Feral Garden Gnome. This week, we have a whole shows worth of their beer to try! Also, the Queen died and Mark isn't here. Coincidence?

  • Ultra Secret Enigma
  • Ted Danzig Black Lager
  • Feral Garden Gnome
  • Triple Dollar Bill Y'all
  • Temet...

Sep 19, 2022

We're getting wild with beer from Washington's Garden Path Fermentation and Chicago's Is/Was Brewing! And because he never seems completely into the shows he's on, we also kick around some concepts for a new podcast for Grant.

  • Garden Path The Easygoing Drink
  • Garden Path The Little Horse Around
  • Is/Was The Beings For...

Sep 12, 2022

We know about Tree House and their legendary hazy IPAs- but is that their only trick? We struggle to find a way to open the show, but then some lunatic says, "I have a third eye." And then Grant makes a bunch of super relevant Ally McBeal references.

  • Wanderer
  • Quaint
  • Old Man
  • Jjjuliusss
  • King Jyyuliusss

Theme Music by...

Sep 5, 2022

After missing a week because of a surprise thunderstorm, we're back, and we're trying some beers from Wisconsin's best bae, New Glarus! But first, another email about Pam- and Mark, uh, I'm going to need you to send the newsletter before you go home today.

  • R&D Vintage 2020
  • R&D Fruit Melange
  • Thumbprint Mocha Berry...