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Aug 27, 2017

I think Jon Haupt slipped some goof balls into the beers he brought us from Michigan's Old Nation Brewing Company. Things go so completely off the rails so quickly and hard, that Anastacia quaffed a fanta. What does that even mean? Strap in.

M-43 N.E. IPA
Boxer N.E.IPA
Green Stone APA
Boss Tweed Double IPA


Aug 21, 2017

Five beers on this mix episode, including a couple of weird ones that were quite possibly created to troll us. We also cover yard armadillos, Mike and Grant's nugget video, our preshow FMKs, and we might even drink a High Life at some point. SMH.

Petrus Sour Quad
The Bruery ¡Guava Libre!
Brooklyn Kiwi’s Playhouse

Aug 14, 2017

Listener Forrest Kuffer sent us a box full of Other Half collabs with Monkish and Trillium, as well as some brews from Finback, for good measure. Which is cool, but holy crap did you see Grant's baby pictures?

Other Half + Monkish Taters
Other Half + Monkish Twice Baked Potato
Other Half + Monkish + Trillium Fully...

Aug 6, 2017

Brian Brushwood and Jason Murphy of The Modern Rogue join us to venture further toward rogue-hood through the wonderful world of beer. We taste 5 beers, and talk about shooting our Modern Rogue episodes, crazy life experiences, and weird body horror.

New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red
Boulevard Saison-Brett (2016)