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Nov 20, 2023

The gang's all back, and just in time to try some beer sent to us by Raleigh, NC’s Wye Hill Brewing! Grant even rushed here fresh off a plane and hung over from a trip to SF! But golly, he looks great.

  • Opal Skulls
  • A Green Million Miles
  • Luminous Beings
  • Astral Whip

Theme Music by Adrian Quesada of Black Pumas


Nov 13, 2023

Listener Cory took a few big swings in this Ohio beer lineup, and we're here for it. Well, some of us are– Mark and Pam are out. But we got our super experienced beer geek bud Dan Rader to sit in, so it isn't all Grant and Rubio mucking up the works.

  • Ignite Blonde Barista
  • Masthead Hazy Headlines
  • Hoppin Frog Bull...

Nov 6, 2023

Boy howdy! Mark brought a beer for us to try, and Pam brought some, too. It's a Marktastic episode, with so much Mark, that if you grew another Mark from Mark, there wouldn't be as much Mark as there is in this Markpisode!

  • Prohibition Pig Little Fluffy Clouds
  • Allagash Haunted House
  • Proclamation Stalk
  • Pinthouse Fresh...