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Sep 30, 2013

Rubio and Grant dropped in on the Texas Craft Brewers Festival to enjoy some TX brew, and interview folks in the hot hot sun.

Interviews with:
Ron Extract of Jester King
Will Golden of Austin Beerworks
Chris Troutman of Austin Beer Guide
Chad Montgomery of Big Texas Beer Fest
Erik Ogershok of Real Ale



Sep 26, 2013

Autumn is upon us, and so are pumpkin beers. Caroline Wallace of and Drew Eddy join Rubio and Anastacia for a cornucopia of gourdy goodies. And some baddies. Also Anastacia and Caroline together means this is a raunchy one.

Brooklyn Post Road
New Belgium Pumpkick
Cisco Rumple Drumkin
Schlafly Pumpkin...

Sep 20, 2013


We finally work up to doing an IPA show after deleting our first one from the internet. Ryan Mesch joins us to talk hops, IBUs, and Grant's red wings. Strap in. Things get a little drunk again.

Lagunitas IPA
Stone IPA
Firestone Walker...

Sep 12, 2013

Mike Lambert has risen, and he's back for our first in a series of shows on the Trappist breweries. Chimay and Westmalle are our subjects this time around, and man do they hit like trains full of drunk.

Chimay Premiere (Red)
Chimay Cinq Cents (White)
Chimay Grand Reserve (Blue)
Westmalle Dubbel
Westmalle Tripel


Sep 5, 2013

Ryan Mesch is back with 4 goodies from his trip to Ohio, and we sample those along with 2 others in this long, strange episode recorded right before his elopement. Goodnight, sweet prince.

White Birch Berliner Weiss
Stillwater Lower Dens
Pike Tandem
Pretty Things Jack D'Or
Prairie Funky Galaxy
Three Floyds Alpha King