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Mar 27, 2023

Hong Kong, we missed you! We are so fortunate to have listeners like Max who travel the world and bring back treats for us to share with our audience! We also do some traveling ourselves- through the dark art of astral projection.

  • Tai Wai Jasmine & Passion Fruit Wheat Beer
  • Heroes Phoenix Oolong Pale Ale
  • Heroes Citrine...

Mar 20, 2023

Grant's all healed up and ready to bring his A-Game to the Blindfold Challenge! We so weren't ready for this.

Theme Music by Adrian Quesada

End Credits Music: Bed of Nails by Splasher!

Additional music licensed through Epidemic Sound

Theme Music by Adrian Quesada

End Credits Music: Bitchin' Fanfare by Martin...

Mar 13, 2023

We're taking a short break from the Blindfold Challenge series to take a quick detour into 4 beers from Saint Louis! Grant's still out sick, and it's his turn, so we're pivoting! Beers provided by superlistener Andy Richter!

  • Perennial Waska
  • Perennial Prism: Sultana
  • Narrow Gauge DDH Sparkle Motion
  • Narrow Gauge Scales Of...

Mar 6, 2023

Pam's up next to test our mettle with a slew of blindfold beer tastings! Grant's not here again, BUT! Comedian, writer, and host of FOGO: Fear Of Going Outside, Ivy Le joins us for this one! It's a reeeeal journey, y'all! Prep yourself!

Theme Music by Adrian Quesada

End Credits Music: B.A.B. by Heyson

Additional music...