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Jan 13, 2020

Mangoes! Strawberries! Chocolate! Cherries! Blackberries! Coconut! Coffee! Tons of lactose and... gumbo roux?!? Yup. Mike on a bike, this episode has all of that in the seven- SEVEN beers we review! STRAP. IN. #thiseplitaf

  • Destination Unknown Science Of Selling Mango Milkshakes
  • Wild Leap Truck Chaser
  • Duchesse Chocolate Cherry
  • Last minute addition: Bayou Teche Gumbo Stout
  • Last minute addition: Monday Night Fistful of Cake (German Chocolate)
  • Hubbard's Cave Chocolate & Blackberry Pot De Crème
  • Allagash Barrel & Bean

Theme Music by Adrian Quesada

Break Music: Next to GOD by Nbhd Nick

End Credits Music: Game Changer by Killrude

Additional music licensed through Epidemic Sound

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