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May 24, 2021

Hey Montana! We've got some beers from your state, courtesy of listener John Rumney! We also discuss the recent explosive allegations of horrendous behavior across the beer industry- and how WE ALL NEED BE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT.

  • Harvest Moon Pigs Ass Porter
  • Kettlehouse Cold Smoke
  • Bayern Maibock
  • Meadowlark Fungus Shui
  • Meadowlark Mob Barley

Theme Music by Adrian Quesada

Break To Stop Heart and Stone by Particle House feat. Le June

End Credits Music: Rammadam by Daniel Fridell, Sven Lindvall

Additional music licensed through Epidemic Sound

The Beerists are John Rubio, Brandy Compton, and Mike Lambert.

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