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May 17, 2021

In 1516, Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria introduced the Reinheitsgebot- a German purity law that allows for only hops, barley, water, and, eventually, yeast in beer. 500 years later, some dopey fucks in America decided to throw a bunch of fruit puree, apple pies, fried chicken, whole twinkies, and seemingly whatever else they had around them to usher in a new era of beer making. An era Rubio likes to call, "The Reinheitsgebutt."

  • Humble Forager Coastal Sunset
  • 903 Fruit Cocktail Slushy
  • 903 Coconut Berry Fluff
  • The Brewing Projekt Desert'd
  • The Brewing Projekt Dubl Stuft

Theme Music by Adrian Quesada

Break To Stop Thinking of You by Sleepaway Camp

End Credits Music: Wolves With Fangs of Steel by Dissidence

Additional music licensed through Epidemic Sound

The Beerists are John Rubio, Brandy Compton, and Mike Lambert.

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