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Jun 23, 2015

You probably haven't heard of Pennsylvania's The Brew Gentlemen. They're pretty new, and their beers don't much make it out of their Braddock taproom. But they should. Because (SPOILERS) they're crazy good.

Straight Up Regs
General Braddock's IPA
Lemondrop Saison
Build & Destroy


1. Build & Destroy
2. Akamai
3. General Braddock's IPA
4. Straight Up Regs
5. Lemondrop Saison
6. Overgrowth

1. Straight Up Regs
2. Lemondrop Saison
3. Build & Destroy
4. Akamai
5. General Braddock's IPA
6. Overgrowth

1. Akamai
2. Build & Destroy
3. General Braddock's IPA
4. Lemondrop Saison
5. Straight Up Regs
6. Overgrowth


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