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Jan 20, 2015

Sweet and sour is a great way to describe every level of this episode- from the 5 beers we're tasting, to the way the room felt. Big laughs, blistering disagreements, and uncomfortable confrontations you won't want to miss.

Monk's Cafe
Duchesse de Bourgogne
Cuvee des Jacobins
Rodenbach Vintage 2012



1. Monks Cafe
2. Rodenbach Vintage 2012
3. Cuvee des Jacobins
4. Duchesse de Bourgogne
5. Zoetzuur

1. Duchesse de Bourgogne
2. Cuvee des Jacobins
3. Zoetzuur
4. Monks Cafe
5. Rodenbach Vintage 2012

1. Cuvee des Jacobins
2. Monks Cafe
3. Duchesse de Bourgogne
4. Rodenbach Vintage 2012
5. Zoetzuur

1. Cuvee des Jacobins
2. Zoetzuur
3. Monks Cafe
4. Rodenbach Vinyage 2012
5. Duchesse de Bourgogne


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