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Oct 11, 2021

Rubio bought some shelf beers and we're all back in the studio again with a little extra immunity! Well, more COVID immunity- Grant does get attacked by bees. And Mike by chiggers. Oh, and one of these beers is insane.

  • Equal Parts Entropic
  • Modern Times Dungeon Map
  • Duvel Tripel Hop Citra
  • Jolly Pumpkin Phobos


Oct 4, 2021

Woah, 500! To celebrate our 500th episode, we had a live taste-along on YouTube! And really, that's where you should be experiencing this thing: This episode is sooo much better as a video, so hit stop and go watch it now!

  • Octoberfest
  • Jack-O
  • Boston Lager
  • Festbier

Theme Music by Adrian...

Sep 27, 2021

Andy Richter strikes again with another box of beautiful beer from The Civil Life and Perennial! Mike and Grant went to the gun range, our LIVE TASTE-ALONG is SEPT 29 on YouTube, and there might be an unrelated hickey parade.

  • Civil Life Czech Style Pilsner
  • Civil Life Dortmunder Style Lager
  • Perennial Prism
  • Perennial...

Sep 20, 2021

We finally tackle one of our favorite local breweries! Pinthouse has been making waves for their outstanding beers for almost a decade, and we've got 4 to try on this episode! Also, Grant's feet stink.

  • Burro's Breakfast
  • Timbo Pils
  • Counting Stars
  • Tiki Kalikimaka

Theme Music by Adrian Quesada

End Credits Music: U & Me...

Sep 13, 2021

Listener Dave Woodside went above and beyond to get these Autumn Arch beers to us from Delaware after an unfortunate explosion problem ruined part of the first shipment. Grant stuffs his face, Rubio can see again, and Mike has inner tube tricks.

  • Remote Destination
  • Step Up Yo Vocab
  • Flotation Celebration
  • Newark State Of...