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Dec 14, 2017

Rubio points a critical eye at the new Beer Advocate article by Andy Crouch entitled, "Hazy Days and Brighter Futures: Are New England IPAs More Than a Passing Fad?"

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Dec 11, 2017

Grant went to Tahoe and brought back several area beers for us to try, along with an interesting story which might signal the unceremonious end of a certain personal quest.

Alibi Ale Works Farmhouse Reserve
Moylans Kilt-Lifter
Sudwerk Rye of the Lager
Tahoe Mountain Provisions
Calicraft Oaktown

The Beerists are: John...

Dec 3, 2017

It's Grant's birthday, so we put together a special lineup of barrel aged beer to celebrate. Turns out he's not as into barrels as he's into racially insensitive songs and poop.

Lagunitas Eroica Ale
De Proef/New Glarus Abtsolution
Bell’s Black Note
Founders CBS
Tombstone Strong Scotch Ale

The Beerists are: John Rubio,...

Nov 27, 2017


Denver's Black Project had been making waves with their brand of funky and tart wild beers. Listener Mike Trainer hooks us up with 5 to try, while we struggle to keep the show from flying off the road

Roswell- High Dive

The Beerists are: John Rubio, Grant Davis, Anastacia Kelly,...

Nov 19, 2017

Listener Shane Connolly loaded us up with 5 lagers from Massachusetts' own Jack's Abby! We also thank new Patrons, discuss candy etiquette, and lament the sad turn of an Austin craft beer institution.

Leisure Time
House Lager
Hoponius Union
Post Shift
Smoke and Dagger

The Beerists are: John Rubio, Grant Davis, Anastacia...